Featured Music in the New Kiwi Playlist
This month's featured Kiwi Album

Adeaze - You Make Me Smile
Apollo Steam Train - Superstition (Looking In The Mirror)
Blue Child Collective - Wake Up To The Sound
Boycrush - Song For Alex
Chelsea Jade - Laugh It Off
Clicks - Work It Out
Dead Favours - High Flying
Emily Fairlight - Drag The Night In
Foley - Talk About It
Helen Corry - The Power
Jamie Mcdell - Running Now
Jed Parsons - Time
Jordi Webber - Hide And Seek
Julia Deans - We Light Fire
Kings - Temporary Me
Lexxa - I Got Better Friends Now
Lisa Crawley - You Got Me
Mitch James - 21
Princess Chelsea - I Love My Boyfriend
Response - Only In The Night
Sal Valentine - Cherry Blossom
Saski - Work It Out
Savannah - Monsters & Fairies
Seth Haapu - New Wave
Shes So Rad - You And I
SOUlar - There's Nothing New Under The Sun
Spring Break - Kisses
The Miltones - Disappear
Thomston - Acid Rain

Fourmyula - Very Best Of

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Alice Is There
Blessbury Road
Come With Me
Have You Heard The News
I Know Why
I'll Sing You A Song
Lady Scorpio
Make Me Happy
Mill Stream
Mr Whippy
Start By Giving To Me
Tell Me No Lie
Toffee Apple Sunday
Turn Your Back On The Wind




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